Artwork Specifications

Laminated Bag Art Specs
Acceptable File Formats
  • We accept Illustrator, Photoshop, and PDF files.
Layout Requirements
  • Image can cover the entire surface, front, back, sides and bottom.
  • Piping will cover 3/8” on the left and right edges of the front, back and side panels.
  • Keep all critical elements 1 1/2” from top of bag, 1/2” from sides and bottom.
Inside Hem Allowance
  • Extend full-bleed image 1 1/4” past the top edge of the bag, to fold over on the inside.
Stitch Zone Warning
  • Within top 1 1/2" of the bag, there will be stitching to secure the handles and a row of hem stitching.
  • Placement of hem stitching varies, but typically falls around 1 1/4" from the top.
  • Placement of handle stitching varies, depending on the size and style of the bag.
Specifications for Adobe Illustrator files
  • All linked images must be sent with the Illustrator file.
  • Linked images must be in CMYK and at least 300 dpi resolution at reproduction size.
  • All fonts must be converted to outlines.
  • Any spot colors should be Pantone colors and on separate layers – a separate layer for each spot color.
Specifications for Photoshop files
  • All fonts must be rasterized.
  • Any spot colors should be Pantone colors and on separate layers – a separate layer for each spot color.
  • Do not flatten artwork files with spot colors – send the layered Photoshop file.
Specifications for Making PDF Files
  • PDFs must be in CMYK, and all images in the file the PDF is made from must be in CMYK.
  • Images must be minimum 300 dpi resolution at reproduction size.
  • When creating PDF file, choose Acrobat default Press Quality settings (with at least 300 dpi).
  • PDFs from Microsoft applications are not accepted.

Hi, this is Anna! How can I help you?
Hi, this is Anna! How can I help you?

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