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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your minimum order?
Currently our minimum order is 2500. However, we will be increasing this to 5000 in the near future.
What is your normal turn-around time?
Normal turn-around time is 8-10 weeks after approval of printing layout or physical preproduction sample.
Can you accommodate rush orders?
Yes, we can provide 4-6 weeks turn-around after approval of printing layout or physical preproduction sample with air shipping
Do you charge for rush orders?
No, we do not charge rush fee if we can make it. If air shipping is needed to meet the due date, air freight charges will be incurred. GBAG will be responsible for clearing customs and other import-related fees. Clients will pay for the air freight to the nearest airport and ground transportation to the final destination.
Do you provide a preproduction sample?
Yes, a virtual (digital) sample is provided for each confirmed order. For orders with critical color, a physical preproduction sample can be ordered at an additional cost. Ordering a physical preproduction sample will add 2-3 weeks to the total time required to produce your order, due to separate set-ups and the time required for international shipping on the physical preproduction sample.
How long does it take to get a preproduction sample?
A printing layout will be provided within 24 hours of receiving your artwork. A physical preproduction sample usually takes 2 -3 weeks — to make the printing plates, produce the sample, and ship it from overseas.
Are your laminated bags eco-friendly?
Yes, all our bags are reusable, recyclable, eco-friendly, lead-free and meet requirements of all the known standard testings.
Are the inks used eco-friendly?
Yes, our manufacturers use eco-friendly inks. The standard allowable lead content is 100 ppm. Test result shows that there is no lead detected in our printing or bag materila. See report.
What are the available choices for bag material?
The material choices for the bags are: laminated non-woven pp, laminated woven pp, laminated RPET, cotton, PET or cotton/PET blend, non-woven pp, polyester, nylon, PU, PVC and jute. All of these materials are recyclable and eco-friendly.
What is RPET?
RPET is a fabric made from recycled bottles. It is recyclable, but not degradable.
Are laminated bags stronger than regular non-woven bags?
Yes, a laminated bag is much stronger than a regular non-woven bag. An average-size laminated bag can hold 30+ pounds.
What are the material choices for handles?
The material choices for handles are: laminated material (self material), non-woven pp, pp/nylon webbing or rope handles.
What are the material choices for piping?
The material choices for piping are: self material (bag material), non-woven pp or webbing.
What are the available add-ons?
Available add-ons to the bag include: custom label, information tag, bottom insert, zipper/Velcro/button closure, shoulder strap, and extra pocket. Other custom add-ons can be produced. If you need another type of add-on, please contact us.
What are the choices for the bottom insert?
The bottom insert can be: cardboard, PE board, or non-woven wrapped board. If you are not sure which material would work best for your project, please contact us.
Can the bags be laminated on both sides?
Yes, bags can be laminated and printed on both sides if desired.
Do I have choices for the laminated finish?
Yes, you can choose between matte finish and glossy finish.
Can you print metallic colors?
Yes. We can print metallic gold, silver, bronze or any other requested colors. We can also laminated material with metallic film.
What artwork format do you accept?
We accept .ai, .eps, .pdf and .psd files. (artwork specifications: laminated bags / non-woven bags)
How do I submit artwork?
You can submit individual artwork for the front, back, sides and bottom of the bag from our website (See artwork specifications: laminated bags / non-woven bags.) Our designer will put together an artwork layout for your approval. 
How do I know the number of plates needed for the artwork?
Each color requires a plate. The number of plates needed for the artwork is determined by our printing designer. For normal 4-color process printing, five plates are needed (4 process colors + white). The white color is required to stabilize the other colors. For logos, additional plate(s) for Pantone spot color(s) may be needed. However, the maximum number of plates is 7. That means for a 4-color process printing job, the number of possible additional Pantone spot colors is 2.
How do you determine the cost of the plates?
The cost of the plates is determined by the size of bag and the imprinting area. The normal cost range is $100-$175 per plate.
Do you provide custom packaging?
Yes. Our standard packaging is 100 pieces per carton, but custom packaging is also available.
Can you print a client’s custom information on the cartons?
Yes, all the cartons are custom-made according to the bag size. The client’s requested information and specs can be printed on the cartons.
Do you provide drop shipments?
Yes, there is an extra charge of $10 for each location.
What are the air shipping choices?
For large quantities, we can use an air freight service. The destination of the shipment will be the nearest international airport. GBAG will arrange for a trucking company to pick the shipment up at the airport and deliver to the client’s warehouse.

UPS, FedEx and DHL can also be used for door-to-door shipping of smaller quantities. These options are more expensive, but delivery time is shorter and more reliable.
What is your return policy?
All bags are custom made and are not returnable. In case of printing errors, the client needs to contact GBAG within one week of receipt of the bags, so that we can arrange to issue a refund or to reprint the bags.